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  Irrigation Maintenance Program

Residential Maintenance Programs are available and can be custom tailored to your preference. Many of our clients enjoy the security of monthly, quarterly, or seasonal tune-ups. During these visits the system will be inspected for performance, coverage, and problems. Minor adjustments to spray patterns and controller programs are done during the detailed inspection.

Commercial Maintenance Programs are custom tailored to fit the commercial application.


Some advantages of membership include:

1. Three scheduled detailed sprinkler system inspection check-ups; spring, summer & fall. (Minimum $170.00 value)

2. 10% discount on any future charges; (year-round).

3. Priority Service (over non-members). Sprinklers are fixed within 24 hours from time of call.

4. Water Conservation tips

5. Save money, save water, save the planet.


Scheduled Check-ups Include:

1. Detailed inspection of entire sprinkler system.

2. Make adjustments.

3. Consultation and Recommendations.

4. Schedule additional maintenance or modifications as needed; (when approved by homeowner).

5. If detailed inspection reveals any needed repairs, all repairs will get a member discount of 20%.

6. All other service visits during the calendar year, (January 1 - December 31) will receive member discount of 20%.

** Members of the Irrigation Maintenance Program recovered not only the entire cost of membership, but MORE, in savings & services, (including the two scheduled check-ups).

* Annual check-ups will be scheduled: March 1st - May 31st and October 1st - December 1st.


 * For a larger property, commercial property, or custom scheduling please call the office at 818-939-0202 for custom pricing.


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